More on the Catholics in the Middle East

Just in time for the Synod of Bishop’s Special Assembly for the Middle East another important volume was published on the Catholic Christians on the Middle East. It is the result of a conference in London (Heythrop College) held in June 2010, with its contributions published in record speed by the editors and organizers, Anthonoy O’Mahony and John Flannery. The contributions, by clerics or lay persons from the Middle Eastern churches or by researchers well at home in this field, cover a wide field and address many topics that also feature prominently in the discussions taking place in Rome: emigration, relations with Islam, Judaism and the other Eastern and Oriental Churches, but also issues of ecclesial and liturgical identity that of course often reflect the questions put by outside pressures.

Anthony O’Mahony and John Flannery: The Catholic Church in the Contemporary Middle East (London: Melisende, 2010) (

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Picture: funeral monument (featuring Arabic, Syriac and Latin) of patriarch Joseph VI Audo in the monastery of Notre Dame des Semences (Alqosh, North-Iraq), Chaldean patriarch from 1847 to 1878, leading his church in turbulent period, which included a further unification and strengthening of the Chaldean church but also several clashes with Rome.  

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